As a Veterinarian specialized in horse sport  medicine is for me a great  satisfaction to  make a contribution to Equine Health.

I hope that anyone who rides a horse in any sport discipline realize about the  importance of cooling it down after exercise.

Dr. Federico Goldenhorn is a Veterinarian graduated at the University of Buenos Aires School of Veterinary Medicine.

Doing Ambulatory Equine Sport Medicine since 1994, participated at multiple Equine Events as a member of the Veterinary Teams in Pan-American Games, Olympic Games, CCI-W Cups, World Jumping Championship and High Goal Polo Open Championships.

He is the author and Responsible Veterinarian for the EQUINE RECOVERY SYSTEM® used by all the teams participant at the Argentine Open Polo Championship since 1997.

He is actually consultant for insurance and reinsurance companies for the Cattle, Pets and Horse Mortality programs.

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